* BREAKING NEWS! * The season is starting! Next week we will be in Camarillo (LA) with Alessandro ‘Billy’ Costacurta and Ibrahim Ba    * More To Come Stay Tuned! *

Camps 2014 - An exciting summer for our young soccer champions

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The M.D. of CIC - Champions' International Camps, Paolo Taveggia, illustrates the new camps season

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2014 - An exciting soccer camps summer season

Dear campers,

after CIC first year we are excited to offer you a new CIC season full of wonderful opportunities.
Together with our Champions we are planning the 2014 summer schedule and we are adding new venues.
Stay tuned with us on our website, Facebook and Twitter, to get the most updated information.
Don’t hesitate to write to us for any questions and for any suggestion.
We keep trying to do any effort to make your soccer summer the best.
CIC will be again in USA with some selected locations and will also open camps in Europe and Italy.
Looking to see you on the field with our Champions let me send to you and your families our best regards.

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