Is It Worth Having A Prepaid Credit Card?

Thinking about buying a prepaid credit card, but still do not know if it’s worth it? ABD Credit tells you what you need to know before hiring this type of card. For those looking for spending control and cash payments (on credit), the prepaid credit card can be a great ally. It is also a good option for a trip. Then read the main doubts about the prepaid credit card.


Prepaid credit card: what is it and how does it work?

Prepaid credit card: what is it and how does it work?

The prepaid credit card is a rechargeable credit card. The customer reloads the card with the amount they want (usually by paying a ticket) and, after releasing the balance, can use it for cash purchases, as long as they do not exceed the reloaded value.

The prepaid credit card has the same function as a regular credit card. In addition to shopping, you can also withdraw money from the card and even pay bills. Consult services before hiring.

Purchases on the prepaid card are only released if there is enough balance on the card, ie the card has to be pre-loaded.

In relation to the limit in the prepaid credit card, a maximum value of total charge is stipulated. To have a prepaid card, just have an active CPF and it is not necessary to have a bank account, although it is an advantage to have a bank account, to pay recharge in the debt. Just like any card, the prepaid card has validity.

It is practical and easy to have a prepaid credit card: you can apply for your card online and in some outlets, such as department stores and retailers.


What are the advantages of prepaid credit card?

There are several advantages of prepaid credit card, especially for those who do not give up the economy. By allowing only the use of the balance (recharge), the prepaid card is a good option to control expenses.

Another advantage is that to have a prepaid credit card you do not need to prove income. You also have chances to have multiple prepaid cards and you can use them the way you want, in addition to scheduling for a purchase or travel.

Those with a credit restriction (dirty name) can apply for a prepaid credit card. But in that case, it is better to organize your financial life first.

The draw on this card is much cheaper than on the regular credit card. But, personal payday loan may be a better option, since your interest rate may be 50% lower than credit card interest and overdraft.


Does prepaid credit card have annuity?

Is Prepaid Credit Card Safe?

The prepaid credit card has no annual fee. However, other fees may be charged, such as card membership, monthly fees, withdrawals, reloading, card reissue or renewal (for cards that are expired), duplicate card for loss or theft, and international service charges , for purchases on foreign websites, for example.

Even so, a prepaid credit card can come out cheaper than a regular (postpaid) credit card, as some fees are lower.


Prepaid credit card: where can I charge?

Most prepaid credit cards allow you to pay for the recharge through the ticket, debit to the current account and through the transfer of balances between cards, in the website or application. Easy, right?

In the case of the ticket, the recharge does not fall on time and can be delayed. Confirm the compensation period. It is important to be aware of the daily and monthly limits of refills, minimum recharge value and maximum card balance. This information can be obtained in advance. Read the credit card terms and conditions.


Is Prepaid Credit Card Safe?

Prepaid credit card: can I give it?

The prepaid credit card has the same security as a common credit card: chip and password to use. In addition, upon receiving the prepaid card, it must be unlocked for use.

Do not disclose your prepaid credit card details. When shopping online, make sure the site is safe.

Prepaid credit card charges can be tracked on the card administrator’s website or application.


International prepaid credit card: how does it work?

The international prepaid credit card or travel money card is ideal for those who wish to travel outside of Brazil.

One of the main advantages of prepaid credit card is to be able to program with expenses of your trip. You can purchase international prepaid credit cards for virtual use. In this case, the card is recommended only for those who wish to make purchases on sites abroad, that is, not for travel.

The international prepaid credit card also allows withdrawals out of the country. You can also track balance and expenses in real time. Before hiring an international prepaid card, check out the available currencies and additional rates.


Prepaid credit card: can I give it?

How to get credit?

You can give someone with a prepaid and recharged credit card, but not all carriers offer this option.

Some stores have prepaid credit cards that allows you to recharge directly into the cashier. You can purchase a prepaid credit card for allowances.

In this mode, parents can program recharges and keep track of their children’s expenses. A great option also to encourage financial education among teenagers.


How to get credit?

At ABD Credit, you can apply for credit quickly and safely. With simple steps, you have chances to evaluate more than one proposal at a time in one place and choose the credit that suits you the most. Oh, and you do not pay for that service!

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