Need To Use Credit Card For Production In Ramadan?

Towards the Eid celebrations, of course you will be busy shopping for staples or shopping for Eid later. Most of you may prefer to shop at the supermarket because the convenience offered is not found in traditional shopping centers. Some are still happy to shop in traditional shopping centers. Various payment methods are also given to you for your convenience, including one of them is a credit card. The question: Do you need to use a credit card for expenses during Ramadan?

For that, we have a guide for you to be able to decide whether to use a credit card and how to use credit cards as well as possible for your expenses in the month of Ramadan.


Take advantage of the Supermarket Credit Card

Take advantage of the Supermarket Credit Card

You can use credit card promos that work with certain supermarkets. For example, BMI Bank gives a 10% discount if you shop at Carrefour with a BMI Bank credit card. In addition there are QQP Bank with Hero group, BNI with ZVD Mart, and there is also KKV Bank with Hypermart. If you often shop at one of the supermarkets that have cooperation with banks and launch supermarket credit cards, you can consider applying for a supermarket credit card, especially with the extra expenses in this Ramadan, you can save even more with promotions from supermarket credit cards.


Use your Reward Point

Some credit cards from banks in Indonesia have a reward point feature for each transaction. This reward point is accumulative, where you will collect points from each transaction and you can use these points for additional deductions on the product you want to buy. Interestingly, you can use this reward point along with promotions offered by merchants. So besides you can get your target items at a cheaper price, you can also shop for free if your reward point is the same or exceeds the price of the item you are going to buy.


There is a 0% installment?

There is a 0% installment?

Have you just received THR and seen targeted items? Are you discounting on e-commerce that you often visit? Try to see if e-commerce offers a 0% installment program for payments with your credit card. In addition to lighter payments, you can also allocate your THR for other needs, for example to pay off your credit card debt or your KTA debt if you have one . Even so, do not be easily provoked to buy items that you think are beyond your ability simply because there is an offer of 0% installments.


Don’t be easily tempted to discount for food & drinks


If there is an invitation to break the fast together at the restaurant and restaurant offering a promotion for the credit card you have, don’t be easily tempted! Order food and drinks according to your needs, because the minimum amount of bills to be able to be given a discount is sometimes higher than your initial budget for dining at the restaurant.

Whether or not you need to use a credit card for your needs in the full month of Ramadan is your decision. If you see that the promotions offered by credit cards benefit you a lot and you can pay them before they are due and avoid interest, there is no harm in using a credit card.


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