Over 1’500 Loans Financed And A New Dress

OIP crowd lending pioneer IGG Finance, Switzerland’s largest P2P credit marketplace, exceeds the mark of 1,500 financed loan projects. Thus, the trend of disproportionate growth continues and shows clearly that IGG Finance can handle and increase this volume due to the high degree of automation, efficient processes and unrestricted customer focus. We are all the more pleased that we can roll out our newest system over the next few days and offer our customers even better service.


1’500 financed loan projects at Crowd lending market leader Switzerland

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We are very happy about the trust of the crowd since foundation. Thanks to this, the Swiss crowdlending market leader IGG Finance was able to steadily expand its disproportionate growth. The result is more than evident in today’s new record of more than 1,500 loans. Thanks to our highly automated platform and efficient processes, these can be managed and processed without any problems and with minimal effort. Here, over nine years of experience more than paid for and the further scaling is secured. An additional very important aspect is the hundred percent customer focus of IGG Finance. The latest achievement in terms of “user journey” and system will be described in more detail in the next chapter.


Rollout of new website and system



As early as December 2016, we reported in the blog that we are migrating the system from the programming language PHP to Java. Now the first results are visible in the context of a completely renewed website and system. Over the next few days, corresponding rollouts will be carried out on an ongoing basis.

The first big changes are already visible when visiting the website. We have optimized and graphically adapted these to customer needs. Already while browsing on the website, the interested persons are made much more and more specific information available and can be found more intuitive. This has also led to adjustments in the menu structure and presentation and should make information easy to find.

The second major change can be found in “My IGG Finance”. This was converted into an actual web application and also shines in a new dress. The application thus becomes the real hub for our clients, focusing on the active lenders and borrowers, where all transactions and transactions take place. We’ve enriched it with a revealing and personalized dashboard that provides the most important information at a glance. For this we provide further analyzes and graphics. The calculation according to XIRR shows you at a glance the net yield achieved. It has never been easier to assess your own loan portfolio and we set new standards with this ad. The other information is clearly presented and available quickly.


About IGG Finance

About IGG Finance

As a forward-looking and innovative credit marketplace, IGG Finance has been operating Switzerland’s largest crowdlending platform since 2008, with around 20,000 users and a loan volume of over CHF 278 million. With the digital business model – which has already found countless imitators – IGG Finance brings lenders and borrowers together profitably and without a bank on the platform. This benefits both individuals and Swiss SMEs alike. IGG Finance has been actively contributing to a sustainable and innovative Swiss financial center since its founding and can be seen as a pioneer in the disruptive fintech scene.

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