What do real estate experts think about the new GFIC rules?

GFIC, the new regulation for family home improvement discount, offers families in rural and rural areas with two and three children a new, favorable change in home acquisition.

It does not take over LTP and cannot replace it!


The announcement made on 25 October 2018 by Sean Cole, Prime Minister of the Prime Minister’s Office, was as follows:

“Government Decides to Extend Family Home Discount:

  • Families with two children can also get a 10 million HUF discount interest rate loan
  • the loan amount for three children is changed to HUF 15 million “

According to the minister, the funds released by the abolition of the housing fund system will be used to expand the GFIC

GFIC, Head of Analysis at Rey Fernandez, said:

  • he sees the change positively, emphasizing that with the current GFIC, families with three children can buy an apartment of 50-70 square meters in rural towns even without their own means. Now the former 10 million HUF discount loan has increased to 15 million HUF, and if you can supplement it with 10 million HUF non-repayable loans, those who would buy a 50-70 m2 home loan in the countryside can cover the entire purchase price.
  • The new GFIC regulation also increases the chances of buying a home for families with two children, since the non-refundable subsidy rate for 2 children is 2.6 million HUF, which can be used together with a 10 million HUF discount interest rate loan.

According to a leading real estate expert

  • “Increasing the discounted loan amount will make a big difference for families with multiple children, because if they had not had enough income so far, they would not have had the opportunity. With the current support of GFIC, young people can count on smaller monthly installments, so those with lower incomes can now successfully apply for a loan. ”
  • In addition, families planning to have two children are very much affected by the changes. With the extension of GFIC, more families can start buying new homes, and besides families with two and three children, designers have also been given space.
  • the expansion of the GFIC primarily helps families living in large cities in the countryside, because the new housing market is less buoyant than in Good Finance. ”

Duna House announcement to MTI:

  • “The changes in GFIC will have a beneficial effect on the availability of new homes and will extend the range of families eligible for the discount. The new soft loan will also withstand changes in the longer term interest rate environment and provide a predictable position for real estate buyers. “

According to statistics, the GFIC support for home borrowers

  • 12% used it in Good Finance,
  • 20% in Eastern and Western Hungary,

But with the possibility of extending the interest-subsidized loan, growth is expected in the new housing market, especially in rural cities!


According to Vince Michael Gerv, head of the GDN Real Estate Network Credit Center, a favorable loan scheme will encourage more and more young people to buy and build real estate.

According to the expected results, with the choice of the soft loan of HUF 10 million compared to the available market designs

  • families with two children 120 thousand HUF annually,
  • with a 15 million HUF discount loan, families with three children save $ 60,000 a year.

Opinion of Kurje Kurke, Managing Director of Good Finance

  • the expansion of GFIC is more favorable for families with two children than for parents with three children, because 2 children can apply for a subsidized loan of HUF 10 million even without having a third child.
  • For families with three children, the new amendment increased the credit line by another HUF 5 million.
    Kurje Kurke noted that the transformation of GFIC can only help with borrowing, but it should also be remembered that bank credit is a prerequisite for self-sufficiency.

In summary, extending the GFIC is important and a great help to families with children, but it must be accepted along with the conditions, so everyone should be aware that the support is only fully paid after the conditions have been met.


  • You have to live in your chosen apartment for 10 years,
  • it is also very important to meet the deadline for childbirth at the upcoming GFIC. Failure to meet this deadline will result in the repayment of the loan and the penalty interest.

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